Sunday, April 13, 2008

Forward Time Travel proven!!!!!

Check these vids out they are awesome...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Intruder

BAM! Take A Look! My new short film

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Apartment: parking issues

So the people who park next to me moved in. There truck is a 4x4 ford quad cab. So I was feeling Kinda snug until something amazing happened. They parked their Motor Cycle next to my car, there car in an unreserved spot and there truck in an unreserved spot. If your reading this up there in apartment 102 Thanks from the Mustang! Just figured I would update you guys.


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Friday, March 28, 2008

What will be wearing in 40 years?

I came across this video on youtube. It's one of the shorts you would see in movie theaters before the movie starts. It showcases fashion designers of the 30's idea of what people will be wearing in the year 2000. Take a look.

I personally think they came pretty close. I don't recall ever seeing a shirt with removable sleeves, but I have worn pants that have removable legs. Women wear see through garments all the time now, especially at the Oscars(Halle Berry on right).
I don't expect to see a head light in a woman's hair but women do primarily wear pants now. The men's design is a little more far off, however I personally think facial hair is more abundant than it was then plus they got the cell phone right and they even predicted the fanny pack, RIGHTTTT?

Now I'm going to predict the future of fashion in 2050. I don't want to go much further only because I hope to still be running this blog. If I remember I can comment on my thoughts. Who knows. Could be cool. If I'm not still around maybe an archaeologists will find my site. Anyway here goes.


  1. Mostly form fitting clothes.

  2. One piece suits. Like "Tomb Raider"

  3. Skin will be a thing of the past, Covering the body will be the norm.

  4. Long dresses and Long skirts for special occasions only. No more mini's.

  5. Foot wear will become more and more comfortable, The high heel will be on its way out.

  6. Integration of electronics will be key. Shirts with notepads on the sleeves(LCD of course) and phones in the collar, unless they have already installed them behind our ears.

  7. Men

    1. Mostly form fitting shirts, with built in accessories.

    2. Collars will only be present at special occasions.

    3. Dress pants will reign supreme over casual jeans.

    4. Make up, Make up, Make up. I'm glad I will be an old timer by then. Cause I'm not wearing Make up.

    In general.

    1. Logos will be animated.

    2. No more buying multiple shirts in different colors. Their colors will change.

    3. Clothes will fold themselves.

    4. Clothes will not wrinkle.

    5. Clothes will be able to flash colors or display anything the wearer wants, from music videos to a sports play.
    6. Pockets and purses will be gone, everything you need will be either built into you or your clothes.

That's what I think. Now post your ideas.


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Vogue cover racist? I think not!

This new Vogue cover(seen on above), featuring Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen has stirred up some controversial issues including racism and how America views the "Black Man". Well that's crap. This cover is not racist and it doesn't display the black man in a bad way.
People are claiming the cover compares Lebron and Giselle to King Kong and the helpless young blond woman, Ann Darrow. The comparison between a black man and an ape is a serious problem for most including me but that's not what there doing here. The title below them "Shape Issue Secrets of the Best Bodies Gisele & Lebron" give all the information needed to examine this cover and realize it's not an attempt to compare the tw0 to a big monkey and helpless woman. 1st Lebron's strong pose is not to show dominance of control over Gisele. It is to show off his strength athleticism and body. 2nd Gisele almost looks care free. If he was meant to be like King Kong, you would think that Gisele would show a little concern or fear even.
One other point you should consider while examining this cove. Gisele is Hispanic not Caucasian.
If you look at this cover and see racism, I'm sorry but you are a racist. Yes I'm white and from Mississippi. If you think that's the reason I don't see racism your racist. This Vogue cover is not racist it's just a picture of a Star Athlete and Super Model. Get over it, stop analyzing. It's just a magazine cover.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

non-Newtonian Liquid: Fun to use! Easy to make!

I found a video on youtube and honestly I had never heard of non-Newtonian fluids. I am sure that I one of the few people who never experienced making it in a high school chemistry class. We made ice cream, drop eggs from roofs, and even blew up a miniature of the Hindenburg, but never made this fun liquid. I actually find it really interesting, the fact that with enough of it you can walk and jump on it, but if you stopped moving you sink. So I decided to find out how to make it, but first I wanted to really understand what it is.
A non-Newtonian Fluid is a fluid in which the viscosity changes with the applied strain rate. As a result, non-Newtonian fluids may not have a well-defined viscosity. So if you suddenly poked this fluid it would react more like a solid. On the other hand if you slowly slid your finger through, it will react as a liquid. However if you were to jerk it out it would begin acting like a solid again. See it's really cool.
This is what you need to make it.

  1. Corn Starch (About as much water as you are using)
  2. Water
  3. Some type of Container, I suggest a bath tub for the most fun. Just remember cleaning it up may not be easy.
  4. Stirring rod (or anything to stir with)

How to make it? Simply poor some water in to the corn starch and stir it. You want about equal amounts of both. Finally, I know long process huh, stir it. Your done. When you make some be sure and post about your experience with this. I especially would like to see someone fill their tub with it. So let me know.

Here the video! Looks fun, right?


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have been pretty busy today setting up a new blog entitled parkerverse-youtube. I have decided to slowly and I repeat slowly, break my blog up into several. Therefore, creating several niche blogs. At least that's my hope at this point. To get started I posted some post's from here but I will not duplicate content from here on out. I would also like to add that The parkerverse will still be filled with really broad posts daily. The only difference is that I will be posting on my niche blogs at the same time. Anyway check out my new blog... Answer the polls please... and Have a great night. Heres the link:

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