Thursday, March 6, 2008

12/12/12 the end or what...

Tonight I was poking around yahoo answers. While there, I noticed a trend in questioning about this so called end of the world. People are claiming that the Maya predicted it with there calendar and backing this up with loons in the scientific community of today. So with knowledge I already have and of course the all knowing web, I decided to look into it.

1st point

The Mayan calendar or more appropriately called the Mesoamerican long count calendar is a non repeating calendar. This is one fact that hypes the popular culture behind it. First, I would like to point out a discrepancy in the line of questioning concerning this doomsday prophecy. The Mesoamerican long count calendar "ends" on December 20, 2012, not 12/12/12. Secondly, the calendar does not actually end on this date, a new cycle of 394 days begins. Now this new cycle has not been written down and for this reason the debate stays fueled. However, a few Mayan artifacts have been found that post date this supposed expiration. For example during an archaeological dig at the Palenque site texts were found indicating that the king of Pacal predicted on October 21, 4772 his anniversary of ascension would be celebrated. This suggests that the king of Pacal did not believe the world would end on December 20, December 12 or any other day during this cycle. Now one account should not be enough to completely discredit this prophecy. Luckily there are more, lots more.

2nd point

Scientists are claiming in correlation with this date that our solar system will be entering a part of our galaxy that is still forming. A real nasty part! Where planetoids wander aimlessly, asteroids run amok, and comets are abundant. At this point I would like to note that I consider myself a lay individual in cosmology. With that said, the Milky Way is really big. Indescribably big. Our solar system rotates around it along with other cosmic junk(solar systems etc.). Now it seems to me, a lay person, that being so big it will take our solar system awhile to move into any new and possibly dangerous area/quadrant/etc. of the Milky Way. What I mean is. Shouldn't we be seeing effects already from this transition into the nasty part of the galaxy. If so. Where are they? If not. Will it happen in a years time? a months time? a days time? For something so big it seems relatively easy to move around it. Rightttt!

This is what I decided...

This Mesoamerican prophecy is not supported by any real evidence. It is merely popularized by mass media attempting to capitalize on the lay public.
In general scientists attempt to prove theories by finding evidence however in this case they seem to be creating them. Scientists are people, just like the rest of us. In an ever growing capitalistic world scientists who bow to monetary gain over knowledge will continue to be produced, allowing these so called theories to take hold in popular culture.

Deeper Thoughts...

Dooms day prophecies seem to come and go. They are at there height when we are at our saddest. Terrorism, War, Global Warming, Hunger etc... Lets stop looking for an easy way out and fix the problems. Because I for one do not want the world to end.


When we are depressed we take Prozac. Whats the Prozac for the world?


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