Saturday, March 8, 2008

The best digital camera out there!

I purchased the Kodak Easy Share V1003 last summer, and I have to admit that it is very impressive. For starters it is a 10 mega pixel camera with 3x optical zoom. The first time I transfered some pics to my computer, I could not believe how big they could become. I blew one up to life size and lost no clarity at all. Not to mention it takes video. Now to be honest the video is not as clear as the pictures but I have made some shorts on youtube with it. If you like here is a link to them. ->
Besides being 10 mega pixels and video capable what does this Kodak Easy Share offer? Well let me tell you. This Kodak Easy Share has 23 preprogramed settings, from self portrait to low light conditions, from landscape to objects closer than 28 inches. It allows a novice in photography the opportunity to take beautiful pictures. Here's a picture I took very shortly after getting it.

Here are a few of the uncommon camera modes available with the V1003

  • Panorama Mode-It automatically stitches 3 pictures together creating beautiful panorama shots.
  • Panning Mode-For action scenes to show movement. It kinda leaves a whoosh on the picture.
  • Firework Mode-I've used this a few times it works great.
  • Closeup Mode-Example the play dough picture I took at the top.
  • Text Mode-Take pictures of documents and scan them in so you can generate the text.

Now with this amount of simplicity the Kodak Easy Share offers, traditionally trained photographers are thinking this is for a teenager, and there friends. Well while this camera is simple it also offers a custom mode which allows you to adjust everything from iso speed to exposure metering.

The video capture offers similar functionality, but not as much. First this is a camera second a camcorder.

  • One of the great features of this camera is that you can hook it up to most TVs and watch the videos, show a slide show, or even watch while you are recording.
  • Another is the simple plug and upload your media.

So what are the negatives...

And here are the positives...

  • 23 picture taking modes
  • video capture
  • 10 mega pixel
  • ability to change all settings own your own
  • Perfect for the novice
  • Adjustable enough for the expert
  • 3x adjustable zoom
  • Digital zoom available also
  • Available in 7 beautiful colors (I chose coffee)

I suggest this camera too novices, experts, and families. Its a great gift for a preteen, teen, mom, dad, college student, just everybody will find this camera amazing. Unleash your creativity. Buy a Kodak.


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