Sunday, March 23, 2008

Complet Destruction AVERTED!!!

So a few minutes ago posted some problems I was having uploading a new layout. Well I fixed it... Now I will not even pretend to know how it worked but it did. Also I would like to note that I did not come up with this on my own.
The 2 errors!

  • bX-aoj9qb
  • bX-4smx9i

Happened while I was trying to both confirm and preview a new template/layout. I searched the knowledge base and found someone who said they found someone(possibly a blog) named Jesus and Yoda. Who just deleted all their widgets and the error went away. Well I tried it. After I was done I clicked save layout(after I deleted the widgets).

At this point I received a error.

  • bX-3gqv75

This pissed me of to no end lol. So I decided to try to upload my new template to see if it works anyway. AND, IT DID.. WOOHOO Thanks to whoever posted that fix. It seemed like it was effecting a ot of people and we all appreciate it. Thanks Again.


 Just Do It!


demigod said...

I had the same error some time ago.I tried deleting all the HTML widgets from the layout and now it doesnt appear.

I also wrote a post about this