Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Torture! day 3

So today I went to the hospital about my back, and also because I had some blood in my urine. I was kinda freaked out. Anyway I got there at 12:45 pm and was finally seen at 6:oo pm. I told them I pulled my back and about the blood in my urine. However my back was actually feeling a lot better by then. So they focused on the urine. Now here's where thing's got interesting. My doctor was a young cute Asian woman, which didn't bother me the at all.(:D) Anyway I filled the cup and waited. around 25 minutes later she comes back in and asked my mom to step out of the room. I'm thinking what the hell but figured it had something to do with sex. So she sat down looked me straight in the eye, as serious as she could and asked "Are you having unprotected sex?" I almost immediately said "no" Then she immediately said and I quote "your lying?" implied as a question. I repeated "no" and immediately thought of Dr. Gregory House. Now while this is going on, there is a mom and daughter(15ish) right on the other side of this curtain and I'm thinking this is so hilarious. The doctor then asked about oral sex. I said no again. So she said I have a urinary tract infection which is to paraphrase her, extremely uncommon in men without being sexually active. This woman could not believe that I was not having sex. She left my mom came in and I told her. She laughed. Then the doctor came back and she had the talk with both of us. Saying things like girls come in all the time claiming to not to be having sex, but turn out pregnant. Me and my mom can not believe this. So my mom backs me saying hes not sexually active right now. Which I'm sure did not help at all. So then the cute doctor decides to give me a prostate exam or digital exam, finger in butt, for those of you that dint know. My mom leaves again but the mom and daughter are on the other side still. Kinda a strange event at least in my book. So she does it and I make a noise kinda like uhggg. She says "does it hurt". I say just feels a little weird. So anyway when it was over she sent me home with some antibiotics. Still thinking I was having some unprotected sex.

Anyway is the show House making doctors think that everyone lies?
Anyone else experienced a doctor claiming your lying?
This was the most fun I have ever had at the hospital, HANDS DOWN...


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