Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Addicted to the Internet? RIGHTTTT

So you think your addicted to the Internet. Wrong! Maybe a loved one or friend is. Wrong!
Saying someone is addicted to the Internet is like saying, they are addicted to life(that's a good thing rightttt) because that's all it is. LIFE!

With that said, the Internet has many addictive aspects. Chatting, porn, gaming, and gambling are all very addictive and all offered on the Internet. However all of these, excluding chatting, which is only 1 aspect of the Internet, are available offline.

The Internet life is just a new way to live. A new way to start a business, meet new friends, date, talk to old friends, keep up with family, etc... I could go on forever.

The problem is that this new way of life is not socially accepted yet. However its social acceptance is progressing exponentially with help from sites like blogger, myspace, youtube, flickr, ebay etc... Again I could go on forever.

So what about these people who spend hours and hours online. Well I'm one and I bet you are too! I spend time running my blog and youtube channel, while checking in with sites like myspace and hotornot and it takes alot of time to do that. Now granted I can be on and off of myspace in less than 5 minutes if I haven't received any new messages, but the rest takes time. Time to personalize your page, upload new content, update profiles, converse with your friends and family and introduce yourself to new people. Addicted? No, I am not addicted. Do I HALF to get online daily? Only if I want my blog to be a success. Can I go with out the Internet for a few days? Easily!

So where does addiction come in? It doesn't. Life can now be experienced from a chair. Just remember to get up every once in awhile, get some exercises in, eat something, and take a look outside.


 Just Do It!


Anonymous said...

I agree that the world is changing but dont we still need to be out experiencing life in the real world ? and how can you support yourself from the "chair"? I do like your blog though!! is the guy upstairs still moving around alot LOL i cant find the time for the internet life and work . I always want more internet time.

rightttt said...

To your first question. No, we are conditioned by social norms to think the Internet is not the real world. The Internet is not a world apart but part of the real world. Also, I do not mean that we should lock ourselves in our homes and stay online endlessly. Im just saying that it is replacing the many pieces of what you call the real world and eventually the Internet will be thouhgt of as the real world.
question 2, How to make money from your chair? I honestly do not know yet. Something I have decided to invest time into. Not so I can stay online but to become self employed.
3rd question, Yes him and his Woman are doing something up there as I type this.
Finding time for the internet is not easy right now because we are all trying to balace both life online and off. Thanks for commenting.