Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 Guilty Pleasures...

  1. Smoking! I started when I was 19. Started regretting it with in a year.
  2. Celebrity reality shows! These are all horrible horrible shows, generally with no real point but for some reason I keep tuning in.
  3. MTV reality shows! FAKE!FAKE!FAKE! That they are! But I still love to watch all that crap.
  4. Irritating my younger sister! I'm 26 so I'm no to clear on why I still do this but I assume it has something to do with her over reaction
  5. Christina Aguilera music! Christina is a great artists/vocalist. But being the Manly Man I am. I don't like to say it.
  6. Howard the Duck the movie! I loved this movie. I will wait in line or preorder it if George Lucas ever releases it.
  7. Collecting action figures till I was 14! I don't dwell on the past but It was my number 1 guilty pleasure as a teen.
  8. Lonely girl15! What can I say, I started watching her way back when her youtube channel first came out. I was there when everyone thought she was fake. I was fooled. I watch Lonely girl15. You don't know how much it pains me to say that.
  9. Boy band music! I got a full dose of this stuff when I was a teen. My sister listed to it all. Honestly though I discovered the Backstreet Boys all on my own, and I love "Quit playing games with my heart".
  10. Full Moon movies! I love the scifi genre and Full Moon productions produce alot of this of movies in this genre. However they are normally horrible movies, but I would buy everyone given enough money and the chance.

After I wrote this I realized this is more of an honesty test. How honest will you be? If you ever planned to comment now is the time. Tell me your guiltiest pleasures.


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