Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How I find topics for my blog?

Usually I look around digg, yahoo answers, youtube, and yahoo buzz.
While on digg or buzz I try not to look at stories that are extremely popular because if everyone is writing about them there will be very little I can add and no one wants to hear the same story 1000 times. I try to stick to videos while on there so that I have a visual reference for the readers.
While on yahoo answers I may be inspired by an individuals question, but most times I just see whats hot.
Browsing youtube, is something I do for fun and not for this blog but I always find something worth talking about so I write about it.
The key to writing a new post is interest, your interest. If your not interested in the topic then you will get blocked, frustrated and rush it.
This guy CHRIS BROGRAN, posted a topic listing 100 ideas for topics. I would rather not to use the list but I have found a few that interest me. So expect to see some soon.
So thats how I find my topics. Hope it helps you all. If you have some suggestions let me know. Im always ready open to new ideas.


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