Friday, March 28, 2008

Vogue cover racist? I think not!

This new Vogue cover(seen on above), featuring Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen has stirred up some controversial issues including racism and how America views the "Black Man". Well that's crap. This cover is not racist and it doesn't display the black man in a bad way.
People are claiming the cover compares Lebron and Giselle to King Kong and the helpless young blond woman, Ann Darrow. The comparison between a black man and an ape is a serious problem for most including me but that's not what there doing here. The title below them "Shape Issue Secrets of the Best Bodies Gisele & Lebron" give all the information needed to examine this cover and realize it's not an attempt to compare the tw0 to a big monkey and helpless woman. 1st Lebron's strong pose is not to show dominance of control over Gisele. It is to show off his strength athleticism and body. 2nd Gisele almost looks care free. If he was meant to be like King Kong, you would think that Gisele would show a little concern or fear even.
One other point you should consider while examining this cove. Gisele is Hispanic not Caucasian.
If you look at this cover and see racism, I'm sorry but you are a racist. Yes I'm white and from Mississippi. If you think that's the reason I don't see racism your racist. This Vogue cover is not racist it's just a picture of a Star Athlete and Super Model. Get over it, stop analyzing. It's just a magazine cover.

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