Friday, March 28, 2008

What will be wearing in 40 years?

I came across this video on youtube. It's one of the shorts you would see in movie theaters before the movie starts. It showcases fashion designers of the 30's idea of what people will be wearing in the year 2000. Take a look.

I personally think they came pretty close. I don't recall ever seeing a shirt with removable sleeves, but I have worn pants that have removable legs. Women wear see through garments all the time now, especially at the Oscars(Halle Berry on right).
I don't expect to see a head light in a woman's hair but women do primarily wear pants now. The men's design is a little more far off, however I personally think facial hair is more abundant than it was then plus they got the cell phone right and they even predicted the fanny pack, RIGHTTTT?

Now I'm going to predict the future of fashion in 2050. I don't want to go much further only because I hope to still be running this blog. If I remember I can comment on my thoughts. Who knows. Could be cool. If I'm not still around maybe an archaeologists will find my site. Anyway here goes.


  1. Mostly form fitting clothes.

  2. One piece suits. Like "Tomb Raider"

  3. Skin will be a thing of the past, Covering the body will be the norm.

  4. Long dresses and Long skirts for special occasions only. No more mini's.

  5. Foot wear will become more and more comfortable, The high heel will be on its way out.

  6. Integration of electronics will be key. Shirts with notepads on the sleeves(LCD of course) and phones in the collar, unless they have already installed them behind our ears.

  7. Men

    1. Mostly form fitting shirts, with built in accessories.

    2. Collars will only be present at special occasions.

    3. Dress pants will reign supreme over casual jeans.

    4. Make up, Make up, Make up. I'm glad I will be an old timer by then. Cause I'm not wearing Make up.

    In general.

    1. Logos will be animated.

    2. No more buying multiple shirts in different colors. Their colors will change.

    3. Clothes will fold themselves.

    4. Clothes will not wrinkle.

    5. Clothes will be able to flash colors or display anything the wearer wants, from music videos to a sports play.
    6. Pockets and purses will be gone, everything you need will be either built into you or your clothes.

That's what I think. Now post your ideas.


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