Monday, March 17, 2008

New apartment...

So I thought that I had (1)some pretty quiet neighbors (2)a really well insulated apartment. Well I was wrong on both accounts. Turns out the guy who lives above me was out of town. Now that he is back he is always and I mean constantly moving around. I don't understand how he can move that much. What I really don't get is why he has to move so much. I mean seriously! What is he doing up there? The whole situation makes me feel like a weirdo, because I am in my apartment on my computer or watching some tv. I mean I work out and I do move around, but the apartment is like 600 square feet. Where the hell is he going? I keep thinking back to when I was younger my sisters friends would be upstairs making all kinds of noise and I would yell up "be quiet!". I find myself almost doing that hear. Anyway I just wanted to vent.


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