Monday, March 17, 2008

Trancers: A SciFi Classic...

Trancers first released in 1985, starring Tim Thomerson and Helen Hunt. This scifi masterpiece produced five sequels; Trancers II (1991), Trancers III (1992), Trancers 4: Jack of Swords (1994), Trancers 5: Sudden Deth (1994), and Trancers 6 (2002).
Trancers tells the story of police trooper Jack Deth(Tim Thomerson), who has been hunting Martin Whistler, a criminal mastermind that possesses the ability to psychically turn people into zombies and control them. In the beginning of Trancers, Jack is hot on the trail of Whistler. So Whistler injects himself with a time travel inducing drug which transports the persons consciousness to the youngest living relative of the time period. Concerned what he might change Jack goes back to 1985 to stop him. He finds Whistler building an army of Trancers to take over the world. Along the way he meets a young cute punk girl Leena (Helen Hunt) who helps him in his task. Without giving anything specific away Whistler escapes to another time period, creating the first sequel, Trancers II. As you can guess Whistler escaped many times allowing multiple sequels to this classic scifi movie.
What I thought...
The Trancers movies were produced on a low budget. However, Where the effects lacked, Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt, and the rest of the cast made up for. One thing that made these movies so memorable were the little things that were mentioned in one and then made note of in the sequels. The story telling was unbelievable for such a low budget movie and I can't say it enough, Tim Thomerson made these movies. He was amazing in Trancers 1-5. However in Trancers 6, Jack travels in time to save his daughters life and ends up taking the persona of his daughter Josephine (Zette Sullivan). Personally I felt her performance was great. After all those years the Trancers saga still has it.
These movies are great for people who love movies like "Back to the Future". There are so few time travel movies out there, that really show you the possibilities. Trancers is definitely one of them. RENT IT BUY IT LOVE IT.


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