Monday, March 17, 2008

Simply Amazing: Boston Dynamics Big Dog Quadruped Robot!

Above is a video I found trolling youtube. I think your going to be impressed. This is a video of Boston Dynamics's, quadruped robot. Personally I think it makes Asimo look like a slightly slow child, but to be fair I think that's what Honda was going for, a first step in human robotics. Anyway the first 30 seconds or so are a bit slow. I thought it was a hoax of some type because how many times do you see state of the art robotics walking around the woods and up hill at that... But when its on flat ground in the parking lot it seemed more believable. Then a guy comes out of nowhere kicks it(jump kick) as hard as he could. It stayed on all fours. I thought it was fake again. Then it was slipping on ice.. Fake! Then running and jumping through a laboratory course I was simply AMAZED! I cant wait to get one. Sign me up. I'm riding my oversize quadruped Yorkie to work from now on. I wonder how many horse power these things are going to have.
But on a more serious note. Boston Dynamics has created a biologically moving quadruped. You saw it. It's called BigDog. Don't get too excited though, BigDog is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. So it's really unlikely that you will see it on the common market anytime soon.
On another note, I attempted to go to Boston Dynamics website and waited for about 25 minutes(and I have 6mb comcast cable Internet) while I wrote this(just an attempt to give you more information). I don't know how long this video has been out there but if it's new. Their site may be overrun with web surfers. Hopefully this will not slow production. Anyway the link is all over the article take a look let me know if you get through.

Wiki had a little about it. BigDog is specifically being created as a pack mule for terrain where wheeled vehicles don't do so hot. It was created in 2005, and as far as I know it is not ready for deployment.

Bigdog Facts:

  • It can cover difficult terrain at 3.3mph
  • It can climb a 35 degree incline.
  • It can carry up to 120 lbs in these conditions.
  • It is about the size of a small mule.


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