Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Addicted to Feedburner!

OK so I realized today that I am developing an addiction to feedburner. I check it everyday. I'm sure this is very common among new bloggers but I need a break from it. So I will not check feedburner for 1 week starting now, Tuesday, March 25. It would be nice if I had a lot more subscribers by then, maybe I will. Anyway I will continue to post here. The only difference is that I will have no tools to gauge what kind of response I am getting other than comments. So please comment if you like an article. If you have read my stuff before then you may have noticed I am trying to write series rather than individual posts. If the response is good I will continue if not I drop it. I haven't dropped anything as of yet. Just because this blog is so new. So please let me know if your liking my posts.


Just Do It!