Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brett Farve's Hattiesburg Home!

So Brett Farve... Retired all-star Quarter Back for the Green Bay Packers.
I was out today, I happen to live in Hattiesburg, MS, and I decided to take some pictures of Brett Farve's Home. Before I did, I decided to get a pic of Eagle walk (seen above), under the USM stadium, where his number is proudly displayed. I just thought that some fans out there would want to see this stuff. I am a fan and I thought it might be cool.

Above is a picture of Farve's Gate to his home in Hattiesburg, Ms. The gate stretches nearly a mile down Hwy 98 East only to continue with a tall chain link fence. His actual home is not visible from the road, but maybe one day I will have enough nerve to walk up to the speaker and ask to come in(lol). If you look close, an F is on the center of the gate. Proving that this is Brett Farve's Home(lol). No really it is. Below I zoomed in to show you.
Here's a couple Aerial Photo's for the serious Farve Maniacs...
I hope you guys liked this. Have any of you been inside the gates? If so let me know.


Just Do It!


Flock YouGugle said...

I worked on his house, the one by the lake is his house. The other house or barn is the old house that was hit by a tornado some years back.