Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Simply Amazing: Kokoro's Actroid DER2 Fembot

I came across these on youtube as usual. They are female actroids (android that has a very strong human likeness) developed by Kokoro a division of Saniro. The one in the first video is a DER2. So what came before, DER1 a slightly chunkier version of this one. While not for sale you can always rent one for $3500 for five days. While I know that the sex industry drives the actroid industry I seriously doubt that they can be rented for that purpose. I would think that they would be available for parties of the rich as a oddity, or maybe even as a host for a party. They can't walk yet and their movement is not perfect but the movement they have is amazing. With minimal improvements I believe these will be indistinguishable with real humans.

Another DER2.

This is one of the only 2 that spoke English.

So what do we think of this? Amazing yes but what about the fact that once fully operational they will take jobs from people working counters, at hotels, shops, and maybe even the court house. Could be a good thing eventually, like in the "Animatrix" people didn't have to work manual labor anymore and human kind embarked on a second Renaissance. Or the poor will be outsourced by these androids, times will be bad and massive revolution will be eminent. No one knows what the future holds but personally I think its a bright one for all of us. I cant wait till this things are mass produced.


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