Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Apartment... Surrounded by HUGE vehichles

So since I moved in here I have noticed that no one has been parking in the 2 spots to my left. Well turns out that no one lived there. Now I liked this because that meant single people may still move in. Well the apartments have been leased. Guess who moved in. An old guy, and a middle age couple. ARRRRG. Now guess what they are driving. The old guy drives a Ford Expedition, and the couple drive a Quad Cab Pickup. I haven't noticed the make of the truck.
A little back story. To the right of my space are bushes and steps. Which means I have to let people out before I park. Also the spaces in this complex seem surprisingly small.
So what does this mean. Bushes to my right, Large Truck/SUV to my left. Where do I fit in. Well I drive Mustang and I really don't. The doors open really wide. Most likely I will have to let myself out before parking but since that isn't possible I will probably be forced to park in an unassigned place. Sigh. Unless the married couple have a second smaller vehicle, like a Prius, and park that in there assigned spot. Man that would be AMAZING Well I can only hope. Anyway they haven't moved in yet but I will update the situation as soon as I know something.


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